putcmd(slot.i1.r, task.i4.r, command_buffer.i1a.r, buffer_length.i2.r,
	       status.i2.r [,console_num.i2.r])

	This routine copies a command line buffer to the command buffer
	queue for the task running in the specified slot.  The command
	buffer length is defaulted to 80 bytes but may be up to CMD_LIN_SIZ
	in bytes and may optionally be sent to another console.  The command
	line is stored in the console common, CNSCOM, until it is retrieved
	by a call to getcmd(_c).

	slot		slot to be run in (See chgpgm(_c))
	task		radix 50 taskname of task to receive buffer
	command_buffer	buffer to receive the command line
                       Command buffers that contain binary floating-point
                       values are to be preserved in the format
                       expected by the VMS version of applications.
                       Generaly, that will mean DEC format and that
                       Linux applications will need to convert into
                       DEC format before passing buffer to putcmd.
	buffer_length	length of command buffer to copy  (When a length of 0
			is specified, an error return of OK implies the
			buffer is available.) (maximum is CMD_LIN_SIZ)
	status		Error return:
			(OK -> successful transfer of command line,
			 CLIB_GETCMD_NOBUFFER -> no command line buffer queued
						 for this task,
			 CLIB_GETCMD_BUFLOCK -> a command line buffer is
						already queued for this task,
			 CLIB_IPP_NETERR -> an error occured in sending the
					    command buffer to the remote node,
			 CLIB_CHGPGM_BADSLOT -> invalid slot specified)
	[console_num]	console number to send command line to
			(defaults to local console) (default is NULL)

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	chgpgm(_c), acnet_chgpgm, getcmd(_c), get_chgpgm_script,
	remote_program_check, remote_program_get_script,
	remote_program_get_method, intype, who_started_me

	C/C++ usage:

	char	command_buffer[CMD_LIN_SIZ];
	char	slot = PA_SLOT;
	short	error;
	short	buffer_length = CMD_LIN_SIZ;
	short	console_num = 1;
	int	task;

	task = rad50("PA0052");