status.i4.v = ntv_sts32(acnet_status.i2.v)

	Convert a 16-bit ACNET global status to a 32-bit
	condition code (limited to ACNET facility).

	acnet_status	ACNET global status WORD.

	status		VMS condition code after translation.

	Condition_codes include:

	SS__NORMAL	success
	NET__ENDMLTRPY	success, final reply of a set of multiple
	NET__SUPSINFO	informational, a reply status code reserved
			to support software was given
	NET__USRINFO	informational, a reply status code reserved
			to user software was given
	SS__BADPARAM	bad value in ACNET typecode block
	SS__COMMHARD	hard communications I/O error
	SS__MSGNOTFND	unknown global status presented
	SS__NOSUCHNODE	no such logical node
	SS__NOSUCHOBJ	no such task at destination node
	SS__SSFAIL	non-translatable status
	SS__TIMEOUT	request was timed-out while queued for a locked
			receive buffer
	NET__DISCONING	replier task being disconnected
	NET__ILLACNCOD	illegal or unknown ACNET request typecode
			or sub-function value
	NET__INCWRTPWD	incorrect ACNET WRITE function password
	NET__IOERROR	retryable I/O error
	NET__NODEDOWN	destination logical node down
	NET__NOMEMRMT	no memory available at remote node
	NET__REQPKTERR	request message packet assembly error
	NET__REQTRUNC	request message truncated
	NET__RPYPKTERR	reply message packet assembly err
	NET__RPYTBLFUL	request failed, no room in reply tables
	NET__RPYTRUNC	reply message truncated
	NET__SYSERR	system service or directive error
	NET__TASKBUSY	request failed, destination task busy
	NET__TSKQFUL	request failed, receive buffer queue full

	This function requires the following include files:

	acnet_h, ssdef_h

	Related functions:

	ntv_sts16, ntv_status, net_sts16