status.i4.v = ntv_send_reply(reply_id.u2.r, [reply_flags.i2.v],
				     [reply_buffer.i2a.r], [reply_length.i2.v],

	Send a reply (to a request) back to the source of the request.

	IMPORTANT:  If it is possible that more than one handle exists
	for the task, it is necessary to ensure that the correct handle
	is selected prior to any non-AST call to 'ntv_send_reply'.
	This is done by calling ntv_handle.

	reply_id	word with the reply identification code.

	[reply_flags]	reply modifier flags: A zero value implies no flags
			set.  This is a structure of type REPLY_OPTION_FLAGS.
			(RPY_M_ENDMULT -> terminate multiple-reply request,
			 RPY_M_LOCKED  -> do not unlock receive buffer)

	[reply_buffer]	the user buffer containing the reply message.
			Default is to send a status-only reply.

	[reply_length]	length of the user reply data (in words).  Default
			is to send a status-only reply.

	[reply_status]	reply status.  Default is SUCCESS (or ENDMLT if
			the ENDMULT flag is send and the request was for
			multiple replies).

	status	 VMS completion condition code.

	This function returns status values as follows:

	SS__NORMAL	success, reply sent or queued for transmission
	SS__ACCVIO	address not given for reply identification
	SS__CANCEL	request already cancelled (but not yet processed,
			in receive buffer or queued awaiting the buffer)
	SS__ILLEFC	illegal event flag number
	SS__INSFARG	insufficient number of arguments
	SS__INTERLOCK	error, XMTWT bit is already set or a reply for this
			reply id is already in progress and ENDMULT was set.
	SS__NONEXPR	non-existant network process
	SS__NOSUCHNODE	no such destination logical node known
	SS__SSFAIL	XSC block does not exist
	SS__VECINUSE	block/buffer pointer save vector in already use
	SS__UNASEFC	process not associated with event flag cluster with
			the specified event flag number
	NET__BUGCHECK	internal network error (XMITWT event flag bug)
	NET__NOBUFFER	no free buffers available
	NET__NOMSG	no reply message address but non-zero message length
	NET__NOSUCHREQ	not such request found to reply to
	NET__NOTBLKOWN	not owner of the reply control block
	NET__NOTCNCT	not connected to network
	NET__NOTRUM	not connected as a RUM task
	NET__NOTRPYID	not a reply identification
	NET__TOOLONG	message too long

	This function requires the following include files:

	acnet_h, ssdef_h

	Related functions:

	ntv_receive_request, ntv_check_request, ntv_wait_request