status.i4.v = ntv_rmt_retry(input_status.i4.v)

	Check for a condition code from a reply (using the
	ntv_check_reply or ntv_wait_reply network services)
	which indicates that the request may have failed due
	to a transient condition and may be retried.

	input_status	longword value of the condition code (status
			returned) from a network service routine) to
			be tested for a retryable condition.

	status		returned status: SS__NORMAL indicates that the
			request may be retried (the original input status
			is left in register R1 for MACRO callers).  If the
			input status is not recognized as a retryable
			condition, then the original status is returned.

	Note that an input status of SS__NORMAL will return
	SS__NORMAL so this routine should only be called with
	non-success condition codes.

	The following condition codes are considered retryable:

	NET__IOERROR	retryable I/O error
	NET__NOMEMRMT	no memory available on remote system
	NET__REQPKTERR	request message packet assembly error
	NET__RPYPKTERR	reply message packet assembly error
	NET__RPYTBLFUL	request failed, no table room for reply
	NET__TSKQFUL	request failed, destination task queue full
	SS__TIMEOUT	request timeout while queued to destination task

	This function requires the following include files:

	acnet_h, ssdef_h

	Related functions:

	ntv_check_reply, ntv_wait_reply