the system which supports the specified logical trunk and node.
            status.i2.v = NTGTID( [lognod.i2.r],[tsknam.i4.r],taskid.i1.r )
            status.i2.v = NET_GET_TASKID( [lognod.i2.r],[tsknam.i4.r],
                                                taskid.i1.r )
         lognod   word giving the destination logical trunk and node.
                  If defaulted, the local default logical node is
         tsknam   a longword giving the network task name (in Radix-50
                  form) of the task whose logical task id is to be
                  returned.  If defaulted, the network task name of
                  the current task is used.
         taskid   byte in which the logical task id is returned.
         status   returns ACNET Global Status (sign-extended to 32-bits):
                      =0 for complete success
                      >0 for conditional success and pending
                      <0 for error condition
         The error codes returned are:
            -01 = Retryable I/O error
            -02 = local system out of space: no free buffers, no free
                  control blocks, or request table full.
            -03 = Insufficient memory at destination
            -21 = Not connected to network
            -22 = Insufficient number of arguments
            -30 = No such logical node
            -33 = No such destination task
            -41 = Hard I/O error
            -42 = Node down or offline
            -43 = System service error: no network process.
            -44 = nontranslatable error: XSC block does not exist
            -45 = Internal network error
            -48 = network error #3: control block or buffer vector in use