resources in use by the user process.  Outstanding requests FROM the
          process are cancelled and outstanding requests TO the process have a
          status-only reply (DISCON status) sent.
            status.i2.v = NTDCNT()
            status.i2.v = NET_DISCONNECT()
         status   returns ACNET Global Status (sign-extended to 32-bits):
                      =0 for complete success
                      >0 for conditional success and pending
                      <0 for error condition
         The error codes returned are:
            -02 = local system out of space: no free buffers
            -21 = not connected to network
            -43 = system service error: no network process
            -44 = nontranslatable error: XSC block does not exist
            -45 = internal network error
            -48 = network error #3:
                - buffer vector in use
                - already waiting for a buffer transmission