task name of a user process already connected to the network.
            status.i2.v = NTCNCT([tsknam.i4.r])
         tsknam    a longword which specifies the network task name for 
                   the user process as 1 to 6 Radix-50 characters. If
                   defaulted, then the first 6 characters of the VMS
                   process name are converted to Radix-50 for the network
                   task name.
         status   returns ACNET Global Status (sign-extended to 32-bits):
                      =0 for complete success
                      >0 for conditional success and pending
                      <0 for error condition
         The error codes returned are:
            -02 = local system out of space: no free control blocks or
                  connected task list is full
            -27 = RUM task of the same name already exists
            -43 = system service error, one of the following conditions:
                - non-existant network process (when renaming a RUM task)
                - NETCOMMON global section does not exist
            -44 = nontranslatable error:
                - no XSC block in VMS memory
                - NETCOMMON not completely locked into memory
                - not all of NETCOMMON mapped to process
            -45 = internal network error
            -46 = network error #1:
                - paging file quota exceeded in mapping NETCOMMON
                - insufficient working set limit to map NETCOMMON
                - system limit on number of locked pages reached
                - cannot map NETCOMMON, no room in virtual address space
            -48 = network error #3: control block vector is in use.