net_trn_nodename_desc DEPRECATED

	status.i4.v = net_trn_nodename_desc(name_text.i1a.r, trunk_node.i2.r,
					    node_type.i1.r, node_char.i2.r )

	Translate the logical node name given by a text string into
	a logical trunk and node value.  Also provide node descriptor

	name_text	text string with the logical node name.

	trunk_node	word in which the logical trunk and node is to
			be returned.  The trunk (also known as the LAN id)
			will be stored in the upper byte of this word.

	node_type	byte in which the node type code is to be returned.

	node_char	word in which the node characteristics are to
			be returned.

	status	VMS condition code

	This function requires the following include files:


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