net_set_option DEPRECATED

	old_value.i4.v = net_set_option(option_code.i1.v, new_value.i4.v)

	Adjust a per-process network option value.

	option_code	code value for option to be set.
			The recognized item codes are:
			 0	set maximum number of requests which may
				be queued to the process (default is 4).
				The permitted range is 2..32.  If not
				connected to receive requests, 0 is

	new_value	new option value.  If outside of allowed range,
			the minimum or maximum value will be used.

	old_value	old option value returned as a longword
			(zero-filled).  If not connected to the network
			or if the optcode is out of range, 0 is returned.

	This function requires the following include files: