value.i4.v = net_info_access(item_code.i1.v, [datum.i4.v])

	Access "internal" network information for user process.

	item_code	Code value for item to be access.

	value		data value returned as a longword (zero-filled).
			If not connected to the network, some items will
			return zero.  Also, if the itemcode is out of range,
			zero is returned.

	datum		optional data required by some codes:
			12	Radix-50 RUM name to check

	The recognized item codes are:
		0	pointer to NETCOMMON base
		1	user's VMS process identification code
		2	user logical task id
		3	user network task name (in Radix-50)
		4	bytes of user data in single message packet
		5	UTI version identification
		6	NETCOMMON version identification
		7	default local logical node number
		8	RCB status byte (with bit 8 set)
		9	default local trunk number
		10	count of request queue limit exceeded
		11	user network handle (in Radix-50)
		12	check if RUM name in use (uses datum)
			     0 if no, 1 if yes

	This function requires the following include files: