status.i4.v = multicolor_text_window(top_row.i4.r, left_column.i4.r,
					     num_lines.i4.r, text.i1a.r,
					     num_chars.i4a.r, num_entries.i4.r,
					     title.i1a.r, colors.i4a.r,

	status.i4.v = multicolor_text_window_c(top_row.i4.v, left_column.i4.v,
					       num_lines.i4.v, text.i1a.r,
					       num_entries.i4.v, title.i1a.r,
					       colors.i4a.r, num_fields.i4.v)

	This routine will display a scrollable popup text window on the TV
	screen having its upper left hand corner at ("top_row", "left_column").
	The window will display "num_lines" of "text".  The "text" buffer
	will have a total length of "num_entries" lines.  This routine differs
	from text_window(_c) in that the programmer specifies fields in
	each line which each may have a distinct color.  The total length
	of one line of text will be the sum of the values in the "num_chars"

	top_row		top row of window (use WMNGR_CENTER for centering
			or WINDOW_xxx_COORD macros in macro for special
	left_column	left column of window (use WMNGR_CENTER for centering
			or WINDOW_xxx_COORD macros in macro for special
	num_lines	number of lines to display at a time
	text		text buffer
	num_chars	array of field lengths ("num_fields" entries)
	num_entries	number of lines in text buffer
	title		null terminated window title with each of the
			column headings separated by a backslash character
	colors		array of text colors (constants are in 'cnsparam')
	num_fields	number of fields per line

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CBS_MEMFAIL		dynamic memory allocation failure
	CBS_WINDOW_TOO_BIG	window won't fit on screen

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cbslib_h, macro_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	text_window(_c), menu_setup_c, window_restore_hint_c

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	text[] =
	{"Row 1, Column 1 Row 1, Column 2 Row 2, Column 1 Row 2, Column 2 ";
	static const char	title[] = "Title";
	int	status;
	int	top_row = WMNGR_CENTER;
	int	left_column = WMNGR_CENTER;
	int	num_lines = NUM_ENTRIES;
	int	num_entries = NUM_ENTRIES;
	int	num_fields = NUM_FIELDS;
	static const int	num_chars[NUM_FIELDS] = {16, 16};
	static const int	colors[NUM_FIELDS] = {RED, WHITE};

	status = multicolor_text_window_c(top_row,left_column,num_lines,