status.i4.v = modify_enumerated_strings_c(num_values.i4.v, text.i1a.r,

	This routine modifies the text strings associated with an
	enumerated data type used by the numeric_to_ascii(_c),
	ascii_to_numeric(_c), '(window_)display_value(_c)',
	'(window_)input_value(_c)', and winput(_c) routines.  The
	present values for these strings can be read by a call to

	num_values	number of enumerated entries
	text		enumerated text strings
	entry_length	number of characters per enumerated text entry
	enumerated_id	ID number of the enumerated data set which was
			returned by set_enumerated_strings_c  (Passing
			a value of zero for this argument would result in
			the modification of the default enumerated data
	help_info	entry by entry help callback information
			(array of HELP_CALLBACK_DATA structures)
			(A value of NULL can be passed for this argument,
			 if no context sensitive entry help is desired.)
	[values]	enumerated numeric values
			(If a value of NULL is passed for this argument,
			 values will be assigned consecutively starting
			 at 0.)
			(default is NULL)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CBS_INVARG		invalid number of values or entry length
	CBS_INVID		invalid enumerated ID
	CBS_NO_SUCH		enumerated data type does not exist
	CBS_MEMFAIL		dynamic memory allocation failure
	CBS_INVSIZ		all passed strings are null strings

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cns_data_structs_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	set_enumerated_strings_c, get_enumerated_strings,
	get_enumerated_string_array_c, set_enumerated_string_array_c,
	ascii_to_numeric(_c), numeric_to_ascii(_c), get_logical_strings,
	set_logical_strings, create_user_data_type_c,
	get_bit_mask_strings_c, set_bit_mask_strings_c,
	window_display_value(_c), window_input_value(_c), winput(_c)

	C/C++ usage:

	static char	text[NUM_VALUES][ENTRY_LENGTH+1] = {"string1", "string2"};
	int		status;
	int		num_values = NUM_VALUES;
	int		entry_length = ENTRY_LENGTH + 1;
	int		enumerated_id = 0;
	int		values[NUM_VALUES] = {0, 1};

	status = modify_enumerated_strings_c(num_values,(char *) text,