ival.i4.v = MINNOM(indata.i1a.r, ierr.i2.r [,units.i1a.r])

	Scaling service routine: Obtaining The Unprocessed Tolerance.
	ival    unprocessed minimum/nominal data from the alarm block.
		For the analog alarm block (ANALBL) property, the value
		is suitable for processing by PDUDPU or PDUDCU.  For the
		digital alarm block (DGALBL) property, the value is
		a bit pattern mask of defined bits.
	indata  unprocessed analog or digital alarm block as returned by
		a call to DPGET
	ierr    error code returned as 0 for success
	units	optional argument in which the units text is returned as 4
		ASCII characters in a longword integer field. 
		(use with FORTRAN CHARACTER*4 via %REF(char)).
		The text is one of "MIN ", "NOM " or "    " for MINimum
		value, NOMinal value, and bit pattern or undefined.