LXWSIZ(iwidth.i2.r, iheight.i2.r, imaxdepth.i1.r)

	This routine modifies the graphics window size.  The present contents
	of the graphics window are destroyed, and a window is created of width
	IWIDTH and height IHEIGHT.  IMAXDEPTH specified the windows maximum
	depth.  The value 1 will create a window of depth 1, the value 8 will
	create a window of depth 8, any other value will create a window with
	the default window characteristcs.  If graphics operations will be
	done to the window with colors other than the primary 8 blinking and
	nonblinking colors, IMAXDEPTH should be set to 8.  Any call to
	LXRST without LXRST's REVERT argument set to FALSE will cause the
	window's contents to be destroyed and the window's size and depth to
	revert to standard contents.