LXTEXT(ix.i2.r, iy.i2.r, text.i1a.r, nchar.i2.r [,kolor.i1.r])

	This routine will write NCHAR characters from the user buffer TEXT to
	the LX color graphics display window using the color code specified by
	KOLOR.  If the KOLOR argument is defaulted, WHITE will be used.
	The lower left corner of the first character will start at (IX,IY).
	Character attributes (size, rotation, etc.) are determined by
	the most recent call to LXCATT.  See the descriptions of the LXPNT
	and LXMODE routines for information on how color codes are used.
	A full implementation of test support awaits font editor support.
	The chosen fonts and font rotation do not agree exactly with the
	documentation.  Use trial and error until this is fully supported.