LXRST(title.i1a.r [,hcmode.i1.r] [,revert.i1.r])

	This routine resets the LX color graphics context, clears
	the screen, and disables the cursor.  It also sets the title and
	default hardcopy mode of the LX window image which are used by the
	copies save/hardcopy system.  After a reset the display controller
	will be in NORMAL mode, vector width will be set to 1, and the
	vector/arc pattern will be solid.  TITLE is a character string which
	describes the image which is about to be written to the LX window.
	It may be up to 39 characters long.  It should be terminated by a
	null character if it is less than 39 characters long.  HCMODE is
	used to specify the preferred color hardcopy mode as follows:

	HCMODE 	= 0	normal blue and yellow for hardcopies
		= 1	reverse blue and yellow for hardcopies (default)

	Use "Reverse Y/B" unless you know for sure that your graphics window
	will produce a better color hardcopy with "Normal B/Y".

	REVERT is defaulted to fall back to normal color depth and window
	size.  If a user has specified a nonstandard size or colormap and
	wishes to retain them, REVERT should be specified as FALSE.  Normal
	use of LXRST will cause nonstandard properties of LX windows to
	be reverted

	REVERT  = FALSE	do not revert to normal color depth or window size
	REVERT  = TRUE  [default] revert to normal depth and size
	Note that the LXTITL routine will also change the image title and
	default hardcopy mode.