lxobj(object_name.i1a.r, x.i2.r, y.i2.r [,rotation.i2.r] [,param1.i2.r] 
	      [,param2.i2.r] [,param3.i2.r] [,param4.i2.r] [,param5.i2.r] 

	This routine is used to display a graphics object from the graphics 
	object library on a color graphics display.  Graphics object can be 
	edited and saved by using the graphics object editor (Lex Object),
	currently on page D73.  This routine can be called by both PA's and 
	SA's.  (Note:  This routiine has been deprecated.
	lex_object_display_c should be used instead.)

	object_name	object name (LEXT_OBJECT_NAMLEN characters)
			(case sensitive)
	x, y		coordinates of where to display object
	[rotation]	object rotation. [0-3] for rotations of [0-270] 
			degrees counterclockwise  (add 4 to the rotation
			value to make the object blink) (default is 0)
	[param1, ...]	object dependent parameters (default is 0)

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	lex_object_display_c, lex_draw_display_c, lximag

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	object_name[LEXT_OBJECT_NAMLEN+1] = "BarGraph";
	short	x = 100;
	short	y = 100;
	short	rotation = 0;
	short	param1 = 0;
	short	param2 = 0;
	short	param3 = 0;
	short	param4 = 100;
	short	param5 = GREEN;
	short	param6 = 100;