lximag(function_code.i2.r, vun.i2.r, file_name.i1a.r, status.i2.r
	       [,image_number.i2.r] [,resize_type.i2.r])

	This routine is used to display saved images on the color graphics
	displays.  Images can be edited and saved in files by using the
	interactive graphics image editor (LEX DRAW), currently on page D28.
	This routine can be called by both PA's and SA's.  Programs which
	call 'lximag' should normally call wn_screen_init(_c) or LXRST
	at initalization to reset the graphics screen parameters and to
	define the image title.  (Note:  This routiine has been deprecated.
	lex_draw_display_c should be used instead.)

	function_code	function performed
			(LEXT_OPEN -> open graphics image file with virtual
				      unit number "vun", and filename
				      where xxxxxxxx is "file_name"  (A graphics
				      image file only needs to be opened once
				      and will be closed when the calling task
				      terminates.  It may alternatively be
				      opened using the fm_open(_c) routine.)
			 LEXT_DISPLAY -> display graphics image with erase
					 (Image number "image_number" in the
					 graphics file specified by "vun" is 
			 LEXT_DISPLAY_NOERASE -> display graphics image
						 without erase,
			 LEXT_DISPLAY_BLINK -> display blinking image with
			 LEXT_DISPLAY_NOERASE_BLINK -> display blinking image
						       without erase)
	vun		Filesharing virtual unit number
	file_name	graphics image filename (LEXT_IMAGE_NAMLEN characters)
	status		returned status in ACNET standard format
			(OK -> success,
			 CLIB_INVARG -> invalid function code passed,
			 CLIB_INVID -> invalid image number passed,
			 FSHARE_xxx -> image file access error)
	[image_number]	image number starting at 1 (default is 0 (invalid))
	[resize_type]	background window resize mode
			(LEXT_RESIZE_TO_FIT -> allow background window resize
					       to fit the image (default),
			 LEXT_RESIZE_LARGER_ONLY -> allow background window
						    resize (larger only),
			 LEXT_NO_RESIZE -> don't allow background window resize)
			(default is NULL)

	This function requires the following include files:

	clib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	lex_draw_display_c, lex_object_display_c, lxobj, fm_open(_c),
	wn_screen_init(_c), LXRST

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	file_name[LEXT_IMAGE_NAMLEN+1] = "XXXXXXXX";
	static const char	full_file_name[] =
	short	function_code = LEXT_DISPLAY;
	short	vun;
	short	status;
	short	image_number = 1;
	short	resize_type = LEXT_RESIZE_TO_FIT;
	int	open_status;
	int	ext_status;

	open_status = fm_open_c(&vun,full_file_name,FMNGR_DIRECT,

	if (open_status == OK)