LXFILL(mode.i1.r, ix.i2.r, iy.i2.r [,kolor.i1.r])

	This routine draws filled polygons on the LX color graphics window
	display.  At least 3 verticies must be specified.  If the polygon
	is not is not convex, it may not be filled properly.  Since the
	polygon is broken down into triangles, if COMPLEMENT mode writing is
	done, the interior edges of each triangle will be complemented twice,
	leaving them unchanged.  See the LXMODE description for information
	on the various write modes.

	MODE = 0  Defines the starting vertex and color of a new polygon.  IX
		  IY are the starting vertex coordinates.  KOLOR is the color
		  code with which the polygon is drawn.  See the descriptions
		  of the LXPNT and LXMODE routines for information on how color
		  codes are used.

	MODE = 1  Defines another vertex of the polygon.  IX and IY are the
		  coordinates of the vertex.  The KOLOR argument is not used.