LXELIP(ix.i2.r, iy.i2.r, iwidth.i2.r, ihght.i2.r, istrt.i2.r,
	       iextnt.i2.r [,kolor.i1.r])

	This routine draws an ellipse on the LX color graphics display window
	with center at (IX,IY), with a width of IWIDTH, a height of IHGHT,
	starting at ISTRT and extending for IEXTNT measured in 64ths of
	degrees from 3 o'clock in the counterclockwise direction and color
	code of	KOLOR.  See the descriptions of the LXPNT and LXMODE routines
	for information on how color codes are used.  The ellipse will be
	filled or unfilled depending upon the most recent call to LXRCMD.