LXCVEC(mode.i1.r, ix.i2.r, iy.i2.r [,kolor.i1.r])

	This routine draws chained vectors on the LX color graphics window
	display.  All vectors in a chain must be the same color.

	MODE = 0  Defines the starting point and color of a new vector chain.
		  IX and IY are the starting point coordinates.  KOLOR is the
		  color code with which all the vectors in the chain will be
		  written.  See the descriptions of the LXPNT and LXMODE
		  routines for information on how color codes are used.

	MODE = 1  Defines another vector endpoint in the vector chain.  IX and
		  IY are the coordinates of the point.  A vector will be drawn
		  from the previous vector endpoint (or starting point) to
		  (IX,IY).  The KOLOR argument is not used.