LXCURS(mode.i1.r, ix.i2.r, iy.i2.r)

	This routine is used to enable, update, and disable mouse movement of
   	the LX color graphics display window cursor.  Two types of cursor are
	provided, Crosshair Cursor and Matrix Cursor.  Before enabling the
	cursor, a call may first be made to LXCTYP to select the cursor type
	and load the cursor pattern.  If this is not done, LXCURS will default
	to the crosshair cursor.  See the LXCTYP description for more
   	    mode = 0	Enable LX cursor at positon ix, iy.
   	    mode = 1	Return current LX cursor position in ix, iy
   	    mode = 2	Terminate LX cursor mode. Pointer restored in TV window.
   	    mode = 3	Terminate LX cursor mode. Pointer not restored
   	    mode = 4	Move LX cursor to ix, iy.
   	    mode = 5	Enable LX cursor. Don't warp pointer.

   	Cursor movement can be limited to a chosen rectangle in the graphics
   	window by making a call to the LXCLIM routine.  See the LXCLIM
   	description for more information.