LXCMAP(inumbr.i2.r, ired.i1.r, igreen.i1.r, iblue.i1.r, cmap.i1.r)

	This routine modifies the colormap for a graphics window.  X-Windows
	default colormap contains up to 256 defined entries.  Each colormap
	entry has a red, green, and blue component specified as an unsigned
	16 bit integer.  To save space, most colormaps are saved as unsigned
	8 bit integer components of red, green, and blue.  This routine works
	in conjunction with LXMGR to find the best match for the components
	you specify and replace a colormap entry with that match.  LX colors
	0 - INUMBER-1 will be redefined.  How these colors are represented
	on window exposures is dependent on the characteristics of the window.
	Non-standard colors should be used only on windows created with
	maximum depth.  See the LXWSIZ routine.

		INUMBR	- number of colors to replace
		IRED	- I*1 array containing 8 bits of red components
		IGREEN	- I*1 array containing 8 bits of green components
		IBLUE	- I*1 array containing 8 bits of blue components
		CMAP    - I*1 argument where
				0 => use default colormap
				1 => transform to monochromatic
				2 => create and use private colormap
	if 0 colors are passed, the default colormap entries are repaired