LXCLIM(ixmin.i2.r, iymin.i2.r, ixmax.i2.r, iymax.i2.r)

	This routine is used to specify limits for LX cursor movement
	by the LXCURS routine. Cursor movement is limited to the rectangle
	defined by IXMIN, IYMIN, IXMAX, and IYMAX. The default, if LXCLIM
	is not called, is to permit full screen cursor movement. LXCLIM can
	be called at any time. However, if the cursor is on and outside the
	new limits, the cursor will not be forced inside the limits until the
	user moves the trackball. See the LXCURS subroutine discription for
	more information.
	This routine is currently unimplemented.