lx_get_pixel_mode_c DEPRECATED

	status.i4.v = lx_get_pixel_mode_c(pixel_mode.i4.r [,window_id.i4.v])

	This routine returns the current graphics window pixel mode.

	pixel_mode	returned pixel mode
			(LX_PIXEL_MODE_NORMAL -> normal pixel mode,
			 LX_PIXEL_MODE_FAT -> fat pixel mode,
			 LX_PIXEL_MODE_HEFTY -> hefty pixel mode)
	[window_id]	window ID
			(ACTIVE_WINDOW -> currently active graphics window
			 otherwise -> LX2_xxx)
			(constants are in 'cnsparam')

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:


	C/C++ usage:

	int	status;
	int	pixel_mode;
	int	window_id = ACTIVE_WINDOW;

	status = lx_get_pixel_mode_c(&pixel_mode,window_id);