lx_display_value_atpix DEPRECATED

	lx_display_value_atpix(xpix.i4.r, ypix.i4.r, value.g.r, type.i4.r,
			       numcar.i4.r, colors.i4.r [,fill.i1.r]

	lx_display_value_atpix_c(xpix.i4.v, ypix.i4.v, value.g.r, type.i4.v,
			         numcar.i4.v, colors.i4.v [,fill.i1.v]

	Convert a 'value' having a data type of 'type' into its ASCII 
	representation and display it at the specified location. 

	xpix, ypix	pixel location
	value		value to be converted
	type		data type of 'value'
			(CNV_BYTE -> one byte decimal integer,
			 CNV_SHORT -> two byte decimal integer,
			 CNV_LONG -> four byte decimal integer,
			 CNV_UBYTE -> one byte unsigned decimal integer,
			 CNV_USHORT -> two byte unsigned decimal integer,
			 CNV_ULONG -> four byte unsigned decimal integer,
			 CNV_BYTE_HEX -> one byte hexadecimal integer,
			 CNV_SHORT_HEX -> two byte hexadecimal integer,
			 CNV_LONG_HEX -> four byte hexadecimal integer,
			 CNV_FLOAT -> single precision floating point value,
			 CNV_EXP -> floating point value in scientific
			 CNV_FLOAT_EXP -> single precision floating point value
					  converted to best format,
			 CNV_DOUBLE -> double precision floating point value,
			 CNV_LOGICAL -> four byte integer containing values
					of TRUE or FALSE,
			 CNV_COLOR -> four byte integer containg color value,
			 CNV_ENUMERATED -> four byte integer from most recent
					   call to set_enumerated_strings_c,
			 CNV_FTD -> two byte integer containing data
				    acquisition rate (FTD),
			 CNV_NODE -> two byte integer containing an ACNET
				     node value,
			 CNV_DBPROP -> two byte integer containing an
				       ACNET database property,
			 CNV_DEVICE -> four byte integer containing an ACNET
				       device index,
			 CNV_PAGE -> four byte application PA number,
			 CNV_WINDOW -> four byte console window number,
			 CNV_ERROR -> ACNET_ERR structure containing ACNET
				      error code,
			 CNV_SHORT_ERROR -> ACNET_ERR structure containing
					    ACNET error code (short format),
			 CNV_CHAR -> simple character array,
			 CNV_XCHAR -> array of XCHAR structures containing
				      color encoded text)
	numcar		number of characters to display
			minimum number of characters for certain types:
			(CNV_COLOR -> CNV_COLOR_LEN characters,
			 CNV_FTD -> CNV_FTD_LEN characters,
			 CNV_NODE -> CNV_NODE_LEN characters,
			 CNV_DBPROP -> CNV_DBPROP_LEN characters,
			 CNV_DEVICE -> DEVICE_NAME_LEN characters,
			 CNV_PAGE -> PAGE_NAME_LEN characters,
			 CNV_WINDOW -> CNV_WINDOW_LEN characters,
	colors		color code for text
			(foreground color code is in bits (0:2), the
			 background color code is in bits (3:5) and the
			 blink code is in bit 6) (constants are in cnsparam)
	[fill]		character to use for filling out the field
			(default is BLANK)
	[justify]	optional justification parameter which has no
			effect on types CNV_CHAR and CNV_XCHAR
			(CNV_LEFT_JUSTIFY -> left justify,
			 CNV_LEFT_JUSTIFY_NO_PSIGN -> left justify, but don't
						      leave a space for sign,
			 CNV_RIGHT_JUSTIFY -> right justify,
			 CNV_NO_JUSTIFY -> no justification (default))

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cns_data_structs_h, cbslib_h

	Related functions:

	lx_display_value(_c), numeric_to_ascii(_c), wn_display_value(_c),
	wn_text(_c), lxprint(_c), read_lx_format, lx_row_to_pix(_c),