status.i4.v = lib_sleep_seconds(seconds.i4.r)

	This routine puts the calling process to sleep for a specified
	number of seconds.  Note: the delay is implemented using $SETIMR
	to set an event flag and $WAITFR to wait for the event flag.  The
	event flag is allocated by using LIB$GET_EF (and released after the
	$WAITFR returns).  Due to other system activity and the clock
	granularity, the length of time that the process actually waits may
	be a bit longer than what was specified by the call argument.

	seconds		number of seconds to delay

	This function returns status values as follows:

	completion status values from the $SCHDWK system service

	This function requires the following include files:

	clib_h, ssdef_h

	Related functions:

	sleep_millisecs_c, lib_sleep_millisecs, pause(_c)

	C/C++ usage:

	int	status;
	int	seconds = 2;

	status = lib_sleep_seconds(&seconds);