Insert an entry onto the tail of an absolute queue
 ret-status.wlc.v = LIB_INSQUE_TAIL( entry.mqu.ra, header.mqu.r )
  ret-status   completion status code for routine, passed by value:
               SS__NORMAL      successful completion.
               LIB__ONEENTQUE  entry is the first in the queue.
  entry        an array that must be at least 8 bytes long.  Any bytes
               following the first 8 bytes may be used for any purpose
               by the calling module (the first 8 bytes are reserved
               for the forward and backward links of the queue). Passed
               by reference.
  header       the quadword queue header (an array of two longwords)
               for the absolute queue.  Passed by reference.  Queues
               referenced by two processes or by AST and non-AST code
               must insert at the head or tail only.
 See also LIB_INSQUE.