LVALUE.i4.v = LALARM( INDATA.i2.r, IERR.i2.r [, UNITS.i4.r] )

	Scaling service routine: Alarm Status Monitor.
	LVALUE  logical value returned as TRUE (-1) if the ALARM
		condition is set and FALSE (0) if it is not.

	INDATA  unprocessed analog or digital monitor status as returned 
		by a DPGET for the Analog or Digital Alarm Block.

	IERR    error code returned as 0 for success. 

	UNITS   optional argument in which the units text is returned as 4
		ASCII characters in a longword integer field. 
		(use with FORTRAN CHARACTER*4 via %REF(char)).
		The text is either "ALRM" or "    ".