intype(type.i2.r, row.i2.r, column.i2.r [,flags.u4.r])

	INTYPE will flush the I/O buffers (TV and graphics), wait for the next
	event of intrest to the calling program and then return the event code 
	and the current coordinates of the color TV cursor.  This routine or
	its counterpart, window_intype, should be the first function called
	in console application programs (Primary Applications (PAs) or
	Secondary Applications (SAs)).

	type	application task event code:
	        (INTINI -> initialization (first entry to program),
		 INTTRM -> termination, one last chance to finish up before
			   passing control to next (requested) application
			   (The next call to term will terminate the program.),
		 INTKBD -> keyboard interrupt event (attention key has been
			   pressed) (valid only for primary application
			   programs) The upper byte of type will contain bits
			   for the X key modifiers (shift, ctrl, alt) as 
			   defined in x11:x.h,
		 INT_SHIFT_KBD -> shift click interrupt,
		 INT_CTRL_KBD -> control click interrupt,
		 INT_ALT_KBD -> alt click interrupt,
		 INTPER -> periodic event (currently 15 Hz),
		 INTKUP -> button released event (Delivered only if button
			   release happens greater than .5 second after button 
		 	   press and if additional events are enabled via the
			   FLAGS argument.),
		 INT_BTN2 -> button2 (middle) pressed,
		 INT_BTN3 -> button3 (right) pressed,
		 INT_BTN4 -> button4 (wheel up) pressed,
		 INT_BTN5 -> button5 (wheel down) pressed,
		 INT_FOCUSIN -> TV window just received focus,
		 INT_FOCUSOUT -> TV window just lost focus)
		 (Other values may be defined in the future.)
	row	coordinates of visible cursor on console alphanumeric
	column	display for primary application tasks (tasks named PAnnnn).
		Undefined for secondary application tasks (named SAnnnn).
	[flags]	intype modifier flags
		bit 0	=0  only return values 1 to 4 for "type" (default)
			=1  return all possible values for "type"

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h

	Related functions:

	window_intype, intype_again, intype_callback_init, intype_callback_term,
	intype_put_rowcol, term, infld(_c), inbox(_c), repeat_kbd_intype

	C/C++ usage:

	short	type;
	short	row;
	short	column;
	unsigned int	flags = 1;