There are several include files for use with the CLIB routines.
	These provide function prototypes and defined constants for
	argument values.  They are given a file extension of ".h" or
	".inc" for C/C++ or FORTRAN use.

	The files (without extension) and their contents are:

	cnsparam		general constants used for console 
	cns_data_structs	protoypes for commonly used data types

   *** C/C++ programmers must include the above two files at the top ***
   *** of any module that uses any of the CBS or DIO routines        ***

	cbslib			constants and prototypes for "new" CLIB routines
	clib			constants and prototypes for "old" CLIB routines
	diolib			constants and prototypes for DIO routines
	acnet			constants and prototypes for ACNET routines

	acnet_errors		defined constants for ACNET error codes
	nodedefs		defined constants for ACNET nodes
	dbprops			constants for database/datapool properties
	tclk_events		constants for Tevatron clock (TCLK) events
	mdat			constants for machine data (MDAT) frames
	machine			constants for accelerator machines
	argument_defs		constants for miscellaneous CLIB arguments
	extchrset		constants for special ASCII characters
	device_types		constants specifying hardware device types
	camac_devices		constants for CAMAC modules
	cmu			constants and prototypes for "cmu_" routines
	appds			constants and prototypes for "appds_" routines
	macro.h			various useful macros (C only)
	memory_macro.h		macros that allow for transparent utilization
				of CLIB memory allocation routines (C only)
	acnet_callbacks.h	ACNET callback message definitions (C only)

   To look at contents of a given file, cbslib.h, for example:

   $ nedit -read /usr/local/mecca/mecca_head/uls/ul_clib/cbslib.h &

   To include one of these files in a program:

   #include "{file_name}.h"		/!* C/C++ *!/

	INCLUDE '{file_name}.INC'	! FORTRAN