Set of routines to handle file access to shared file system (FSHARE).
	These include opening, closing, reading and writing files.  The
	routines have built-in statistics that can be accessed from page D132.

	Filesharing files may only be created by members of the Controls
	Department.  Please, contact Brian Hendricks (x2448) if you feel
	that you need to create a file.

	The usual way to handle a Filesharing file is to first open it
	with a call to fm_open(_c).  This call, if successful, will
	return a Virtual Unit Number (VUN) which is simply a handle for
	referencing the file in future "fm_" calls.  Next, the file is
	usually read with a call to fm_read(_c).  The file can also be
	written to with a call to fm_write(_c).  When you are finished
	with a file, it can be closed via a call to fm_close(_c).

	Routines whose name start with "file_" access "normal" files
	(ie not Filesharing).  These files are only accessible by one
	user at a time.

	These functions require the following include files:


	Related functions:

	fm_check_reply(_c), fm_close(_c), fm_close_all, fm_close_by_name,
	fm_delete_record(_c), fm_file_attributes, fm_get_access(_c),
	fm_get_filename_c, fm_get_vun, fm_io(_c), fm_is_open,
	fm_is_writing_enabled, fm_open(_c), fm_open_io(_c),
	fm_open_read(_c), fm_open_write(_c), fm_query_tuner, fm_read(_c),
	fm_read_defaults, fm_read_multiple(_c), fm_restore_defaults,
	fm_rewind(_c), fm_save_defaults, fm_set_defaults, fm_tuner,
	fm_unlock(_c), fm_write(_c), fm_write_disable, fm_write_enable,
	file_directory_select_c, file_view_find, file_view_read,