input_value DEPRECATED

	status.i4.v = input_value(row.i4.r, column.i4.r, value.g.r,
				  data_type.i4.r, num_chars.i4.r, colors.i4.r
				  [,minimum.g.r] [,maximum.g.r]
				  [,fill_char.i1.r] [,justify.i4.r])

	status.i4.v = input_value_c(row.i4.v, column.i4.v, value.g.r,
				    data_type.i4.v, num_chars.i4.v, colors.i4.v
				    [,minimum.g.r] [,maximum.g.r]
				    [,fill_char.i1.v] [,justify.i4.v])

	This routine reads ASCII characters from the background window and
	converts them into an equivalent numeric value.  If "minimum" and
	"maximum" are not NULL and the data type is numeric, "value" will
	be range checked and will be redisplayed in ASCII form.  If the range
	check fails, the initial text will be recolored to white unless the
	color parameter is white in which case the text will be recolored in
	red.  Characters can only be read from the visible portion of a
	window with this routine.

	row, column	background window row and column
	value		value to be converted
	data_type	data type of "value"
			(CNV_BYTE -> one byte decimal integer,
			 CNV_SHORT -> two byte decimal integer,
			 CNV_LONG -> four byte decimal integer,
			 CNV_UBYTE -> one byte unsigned decimal integer,
			 CNV_USHORT -> two byte unsigned decimal integer,
			 CNV_ULONG -> four byte unsigned decimal integer,
			 CNV_BYTE_HEX -> one byte hexadecimal integer,
			 CNV_SHORT_HEX -> two byte hexadecimal integer,
			 CNV_LONG_HEX -> four byte hexadecimal integer,
			 CNV_FLOAT -> single precision floating point value,
			 CNV_EXP -> floating point value in scientific
			 CNV_FLOAT_EXP -> single precision floating point value
					  in either standard or scientific form,
			 CNV_DOUBLE -> double precision floating point value,
			 CNV_DOUBLE_EXP -> double precision floating point
					   value in either standard or
					   scientific form,
			 CNV_LOGICAL -> four byte integer containing values
					of TRUE or FALSE,
			 CNV_ENUMERATED -> four byte integer from most recent
					   call to set_enumerated_strings_c,
			 >= CNV_ENUMERATED_BASE -> four byte integer from a
						   prior call to
			 CNV_NODE -> two byte integer containing an ACNET
				     node value,
			 CNV_NODE_OPERATIONAL -> two byte integer containing
						 an operationally significant
						 ACNET node value,
			 CNV_NODE_CONSOLE -> two byte integer containing
					     a console node value,
			 CNV_NODE_FRONTEND -> two byte integer containing a
					      CAMAC front end node value,
			 CNV_NODE_FRONTEND_ALL -> two byte integer
						  containing a front end
						  node value,
			 CNV_NODE_CENTRALVAX -> two byte integer
						containing a central VAX
						node value,
			 CNV_DEVICE -> four byte integer containing an ACNET
				       device index,
			 CNV_DBPROP -> two byte integer containing an
				       ACNET database property,
			 CNV_FTD -> two byte integer containing data
				    acquisition rate (FTD),
			 CNV_COLOR -> four byte integer containg color value,
			 CNV_PAGE -> PAGE_NAME_LEN character string containing
				     an application index page name,
			 CNV_WINDOW -> four byte console window value,
			 CNV_TV_WINDOW -> four byte console TV window value,
			 CNV_GRAPHIC_WINDOW -> four byte console graphic
					       window value,
			 CNV_ERROR -> ACNET_ERR structure containing ACNET
				      error code,
			 CNV_SHORT_ERROR -> ACNET_ERR structure containing
					    ACNET error code (short format),
			 CNV_CLINKS -> four byte time in clinks
				       (format - dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm:ss),
			 CNV_CTIME -> four byte time in seconds since
				      January 1, 1970
				      (format - Ddd Mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy),
			 CNV_RAD50 -> four byte radix 50 value,
			 CNV_USERNAME -> USER_NAME_LEN character string
					 containing a user name,
			 CNV_SR_SYSTEM -> four byte integer containing a
					  Save/Restore system value,
			 CNV_SDA_CASE -> four byte integer containing an
					 SDA case value,
			 CNV_SDA_DIR -> four byte integer containing an
					SDA directory value,
			 CNV_CONSOLE_SLOT -> four byte integer containing
					     a console slot value,
			 CNV_CONSOLE_PA_SLOT -> four byte integer
						containing a console
						PA slot value,
			 CNV_CONSOLE_SA_SLOT -> four byte integer
						containing a console
						SA slot value,
			 CNV_CHAR -> simple character array (string will not
				     be null terminated),
			 CNV_XCHAR -> array of XCHAR structures containing
				      color encoded text,
			 user data type ID -> user data type defined by an
					      earlier call to
	num_chars	number of characters to read from screen
			minimum number of characters for certain types:
			(CNV_NODE -> CNV_NODE_LEN characters,
			 CNV_NODE_CONSOLE -> CNV_NODE_LEN characters,
			 CNV_DEVICE -> DEVICE_NAME_LEN characters,
			 CNV_DBPROP -> CNV_DBPROP_LEN characters,
			 CNV_FTD -> CNV_FTD_LEN characters,
			 CNV_COLOR -> CNV_COLOR_LEN characters,
			 CNV_PAGE -> PAGE_NAME_LEN characters,
			 CNV_WINDOW -> CNV_WINDOW_LEN characters,
			 CNV_TV_WINDOW -> CNV_WINDOW_LEN characters,
			 CNV_CLINKS -> DATESTRING_LEN characters,
			 CNV_CTIME -> ASCTIME_LEN characters,
			 CNV_RAD50 -> RAD50_LEN characters,
			 CNV_SR_SYSTEM -> CNV_SR_SYSTEM_LEN characters,
			 CNV_SDA_CASE -> CNV_SDA_CASE_LEN characters,
			 CNV_SDA_DIR -> CNV_SDA_DIR_LEN characters,
	colors		color code for possible output text
			(foreground color code is in bits (0:2), the
			 background color code is in bits (3:5) and the
			 blink code is in bit 6)
	[minimum]	minimum acceptable value
			(default is NULL - no range check)
	[maximum]	maximum acceptable value
			(default is NULL - no range check)
	[fill_char]	character to use for filling out the field for
			possible output text (default is BLANK)
	[justify]	justification parameter for possible output text
			(Note: This has no effect on types CNV_CHAR and
			(CNV_LEFT_JUSTIFY -> left justify,
			 CNV_RIGHT_JUSTIFY -> right justify,
			 CNV_NO_JUSTIFY -> no justification (default))

	This function returns status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CBS_RANGE		value was outside of the prescribed range
	otherwise		negative of location of first bad character

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cns_data_structs_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	window_input_value(_c), ascii_to_numeric(_c), display_value(_c)