value.i4.v = inbox(boxrow.i2.r, nrows.i2.r, boxcol.i2.r, ncols.i2.r)

	value.i4.v = inbox_c(boxrow.i4.v, nrows.i4.v, boxcol.i4.v, ncols.i4.v)

	'inbox' is a logical function which will return .TRUE. if the color
	TV cursor was in a specifed box the last time the intype routine 
	was called.  The box is specified by a starting row (BOXROW), a 
	number of rows (NROWS), a starting column (BOXCOL) and a number of 
	columns (NCOLS).  The intype_put_rowcol routine can be used to 
	fake the INTYPE cursor location.