house_name DEPRECATED

	status.i4.v = house_name( code.i1.r,, node.i2.r )

	Convert house code to house name text.

	status  completion status returned by value.

	code	house code.  

	name    house name text string.  

	node    logical node whose house code table is to be used.  If
		defaulted, TEV is used to access the Tevatron house code
	  	table (standard definitions).  A zero logical node is
		translated to the default value.

	Two sets of tables are provided in HOUSE_NAME.  The normal tables 
	are initialized from the UPGAS tasks in the Front Ends when a request
	is made for a house name and the table for the selected Front End has
	not been initialized.  The second set of tables provide default names
	used if the network request to UPGAS fails; this allows the caller of
	HOUSE_NAME to ignore the return status and still expect a valid house
	name to be returned.  The only difference between the Front End and 
	the default tables are possible definition of additional names at the
	end of the lists.

	If the default tables are used on a particular call to HOUSE_NAME,
	the normal tables are still marked as EMPTY.  A successive call to
	routine will again attempt to initialize the normal tables from the
	Front End.