gsread(house.i2.r, module_type.i2.r, stanc.i1a.r, read_buffer.i1a.r, 
	       event_flag.i2.r, status.i2.r [,node.i2.r])

	This routine performs a one shot GAS read. 
	house		house code
			(codes for the Tevatron front end are:
			 1  to 24  ->  Non-zero service bldgs A1-F4,
			 25 to 30  ->  Zero service bldgs A0-F0,
			 31	   ->  Central Helium Liquifier,
			 32	   ->  Control Room test crate)
	module_type	module type code
			(codes for Tevatron front end are:
			 1 -> Refrigerator,
			 2 -> Vacuum Controller,
			 3 -> BPM,
			 4 -> QPM,
			 5 -> RLI,
			 6 -> TECAR)
	stanc		GAS STANC (8 bytes)
	read_buffer	buffer for returned data, needs to be BC bytes
			int plus 2 bytes for the preceding GAS  error
			code rounded up to whole number of words
	event_flag	event flag number to be set upon data return (1-8)
	status		status of the read (filled in on data receipt)
	[node]		front end logical node number (default is TEV)

	When ready for data, call WAITFR(eflg) and check "status" for
	success.  Only one 'gsread', gsset, or gslist setup is serviced
	at a time.  A reply or reply error receipt allows another 'gsread',
	gsset, or gslist setup to proceed.

	This function requires the following include files:

	clib_h, nodedefs_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	gslist, gslend, gsget, gsgetw, gschk, gsset, gstanc, gsmod, gsboot,