gsadr1(node_row.i2.r, node_column.i2.r, house_row.i2.r,
	       house_column.i2.r, module_row.i2.r, module_column.i2.r )

	This routine reserves space on the TV window for three GAS module
	selection fields, which do not have to be contiguous:
	    10 character field for Node (which looks like -<BOOSTR>+)
	     6 character field for House (such as -<A1>+)
	     8 character field for Module type (such as -<FRIG>+)

	The main program does not write into these fields.  These fields
	can be updated by calls to gsaddr.

	node		decoded node (returned to called)
	node_row	row of node field
	node_column	left column of node field
	house_row	row of house field
	house_column	left column of house field
	module_row	row of module field
	module_column	left column of module field

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	gsadr1, gsadr2