This routine fills an 8-word buffer with the current time parameters.
	All time parameters are delivered as binary numbers. The value ranges 
	(in decimal) are shown in the table below.
	This routine is deprecated:
	1. It returns its results in a struct that was specific to the now
	   retired VAX/VMS machines.   A struct tm would be more appropriate
	   on Linux.
	2. It uses "local" times in its computations and as such will have
	   daylight savings time pathologies.

	Buffer Format:
	  Word  0  --  Year (since 1900)
	  Word  1  --  Month (1-12)
	  Word  2  --  Day (1-31)
	  Word  3  --  Hour (0-23)
	  Word  4  --  Minute (0-59)
	  Word  5  --  Second (0-59)
	  Word  6  --  Tick of second (depends on the frequency of the clock)
	  Word  7  --  Ticks per second (depends on the frequency of the