status.i4.v = ftp_read_plot_setup_file_c(system_name.i1a.r, file.g.v,
						 options.u4.v, x_device.s.r,

	This routine reads a saved fast time plot setup file.

	system_name	null terminated file system name
	file		file to plot which depends upon the option selected
			(FTP_OPT_NONE -> null terminated file name,
			 FTP_OPT_BY_FILE_NUMBER -> file number (starts at 1))
	options		plot options
			(FTP_OPT_NONE -> no options selected ("file" is
					 interpreted as a file name),
			 FTP_OPT_BY_FILE_NUMBER -> file specified by
						   file number)
	x_device	returned X axis device specification  (A device index
			value of FTP_TIME_PLOT in this structure indicates
			a time plot.)
			(structure of type FTP_DEVICE_DATA)
	y_devices	returned Y axis device specifications
			(array of structures of type FTP_DEVICE_DATA)
	num_y_devices	returned number of Y devices
			(maximum is FTP_MAX_Y_DEVICES)
	frequency_code	returned plot update frequency
			(FTP_FREQ_AUTO -> automatic plot frequency selection,
			 FTP_FREQ_1HZ -> 1 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_15HZ -> 15 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_50HZ -> 50 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_100HZ -> 100 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_200HZ -> 200 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_360HZ -> 360 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_720HZ -> 720 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_1440HZ -> 1440 Hz update,
			 FTP_FREQ_EVENT -> update on a TCLK event)
	update_event	returned event to acquire data on if FTP_FREQ_EVENT
			has been selected as the frequency code,
			otherwise this argument is ignored
	time_base	returned plot time base
			(FTP_PLOT_ONCE -> plot data once only,
			 FTP_PLOT_SCROLLING -> plot data in a continuously
					       scrolling window,
			 FTP_REPEAT_SUPERCYCLE -> plot restarts at the
						  beginning of every
						  super cycle,
			 FTP_REPEAT_MI_CYCLE -> plot restarts at the
						beginning of every
						Main Injector cycle,
			 FTP_REPEAT_RR_CYCLE -> plot restarts at the
						beginning of every
						Recycler cycle,
			 FTP_REPEAT_SELECTED_MI -> plot restarts at the
						   beginning of selected
						   Main Injector cycle(s),
			 FTP_REPEAT_SELECTED_RR -> plot restarts at the
						   beginning of selected
						   Recycler cycle(s),
			 FTP_REPEAT_EVENT -> plot restarts every time a
					     selected TCLK event occurs)
	reset_events	returned plot restart events  (These values are only
			used if a time base value of FTP_REPEAT_SELECTED_MI
			or FTP_REPEAT_EVENT is selected.  If the time base
			value is FTP_REPEAT_SELECTED_MI, a maximum of
			FTP_MAX_RESET_EVENTS events can be specified, and the
			list of selected resets should be terminated by a
			value of 0.  A value of NULL can be passed for this
			argument if it's not needed.)
	plot_scaling	returned plot scaling selection
			(FTP_SCALING_COMMON -> linear plot of common
					       (engineering) units,
			 FTP_SCALING_PRIMARY -> linear plot of primary units,
			 FTP_SCALING_LOG -> semilog plot of common
					    (engineering) units)
	plot_options	returned optional plotting parameters  (If no optional
			plotting information is needed, a value of NULL
			can be passed for this argument.)
			Options which can be selected in the options
			field of this structure are:
			(FTP_OPT_NONE -> no plotting options selected,
			 FTP_OPT_CONNECT_POINTS -> connect points,
			 FTP_OPT_PLOT_CHARACTERS -> plot characters,
			 FTP_OPT_BLINK_NEW_DATA -> blink most recent plot trace,
			 FTP_OPT_X_SETTING -> plot the reading of the setting
					      property for the X axis device)
			(structure of FTP_OPTION_DATA)

	This function returns ACNET status values as follows:

	OK			success
	CLIB_INVARG		null pointers were passed for either the
				system name or file specification
	CLIB_NO_SUCH		requested file doesn't exist
	SQL_xxx			error reading file

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cns_data_structs_h, tclk_events_h, cbslib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	ftp_file_menu_c, ftp_start_plot_from_file_c, ftp_start_plot_c,
	ftp_start_plot_by_name_c, ftp_start, ftp_setup, fstplt,
	ftp_calculated_trace_c, snp_read_plot_setup_file_c,
	snp_start_plot_from_file_c, snp_start_plot_c, snp_setup, snp_start,
	snpplt, snp_set_sda_info_c, snp_export_data

	C/C++ usage:

	static const char	system_name[] = "Recycler";
	static const char	file[] = "Slip plot";
	int	status;
	int	num_y_devices;
	int	frequency_code;
	int	update_event;
	int	time_base;
	int	reset_events[FTP_MAX_RESET_EVENTS];
	int	plot_scaling;
	unsigned int	options = FTP_OPT_NONE;
	FTP_DEVICE_DATA	x_device;
	FTP_OPTION_DATA	plot_options;

	status = ftp_read_plot_setup_file_c(system_name,(void *) file,