fsdel(vun.i2.r, status.i2.r [,ext_status.i4.r] [,record_number.i4.r]

	File Sharing service routine called to delete a record from a file 
	previously associated with the virtual unit number.  The file may be 
	of either relative or indexed organization with fixed or variable
	length records.							     

	vun		virtual unit number on which the file was opened
	status		returned ACNET status code
	[ext_status]	returned extended status from VMS/RMS
	[record_number]	record number to be deleted (if the file is open
			for direct or keyed access).  If omitted, the
			last accessed record will be deleted.
	[timeout]	user-specified network timeout interval in units
			of seconds (default is 10 seconds)

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	fsopen, fsclos, fsread, fswrit, fsunlk, fsrdm, fsrew, fsweof