fm_read_defaults([access_mode.i4.r] [,write_access.i4.r]
			 [,open_retry.i4.r] [,no_lock.i4.r] [,no_modify.i4.r]

	This routine returns defaults used by other file manager (FM_)
	routines in order to avoid coding optional arguments.  The default
	for all arguments is NULL.

	[access_mode]	file access mode
			(FMNGR_DIRECT -> direct (random by record number)
			 FMNGR_SEQUENTIAL -> sequential,
			 FMNGR_APPEND -> append (sequential),
			 FMNGR_KEYED -> keyed)
	[write_access]	read or write access mode
			(FMNGR_READ_ACCESS -> read access only (default),
			 FMNGR_WRITE_ACCESS -> write access)
	[open_retry]	file open retry flag
			(TRUE -> retry open once if a retryable error occurs,
			 FALSE -> don't retry file open (default))
	[no_lock]	record locking flag (only for relative or indexed file
			organizations opened for write access)
			(TRUE -> don't lock the record being read,
			 FALSE -> leave the record locked (default))
	[no_modify]	record modification flag
			(new records are always written)
			(TRUE -> don't modify existing records,
			 FALSE -> modify existing records (default))
	[max_record]	maximum allowable record to write
			(default is 0 which disables maximum record check)

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, cbslib_h

	Related functions:

	fm_set_defaults, fm_save_defaults, fm_restore_defaults

	C/C++ usage:

	int	access_mode;
	int	write_access;
	int	open_retry;
	int	no_lock;
	int	no_modify;
	int	max_record;