filli2(i2buf.g.v, start.i2.r, stop.i2.r, fill_word.i2.r)

	This routine will fill the array 'i2buf' with the value 'fill_word'
	from array index 'start' to 'stop'.  There are no range checks
	on index values.  Improper argument values may overwrite code or
	shared areas.

	i2buf		word array to fill
	start		array index to start fill (starts at 1)
	stop		array index to end fill (starts at 1)
	fill_word	word value to fill buffer with

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	memset_word_c, filli1, filli4, memset, memset_longword_c,
	memset_float_c, memset_double_c