evmon(event.u1.r, ticks_since.i4.r, timestamp.u2.r,

	This routine is used to retrieve information about the last
	occurrence of a given clock event.  This routine is deprecated.
   	Use either ticks_since_event or evmon_usec_c instead.

	event		clock event number as follows:
			  0 -  255	event 0 - 255 of the clock specified
   	    	    	by Default Clock in the Utilities Window or the most
   	    	    	recent call to clock_set_multicast_type.
	ticks_since	returned time since event occurred in 15 Hz ticks
	timestamp	returned timestamp at the last occurrence of the
			event in 100 uSec units since event 02
			(This argument is no longer supported.)
	delta_timestamp	returned delta timestamp, difference in timestamp
			between the monitored event and the previous event 0F
			(15 Hz event)
			(This argument is no longer supported.)

	This function requires the following include files:

	clib_h, tclk_events_h

	Related functions:

	evmon_usec_c, lckclk_c, lckclk_api, lckclk_allocate, lckclk_free,
	acctim, ticks_since_event, event_history, event_set_fake,
	reflected_events_c, clock_set_multicast_type, event_count_c,
	event_last_timestamp_c, clock_get_default_multicast_type,
	clock_type_convert_c, is_beam_sync_clock_type_c

	C/C++ usage:

	unsigned char	event = EVENT_MI_RESET_FIXED_TARG;
	unsigned short	timestamp;
	unsigned short	delta_timestamp;
	int	ticks_since;