dstatx(raw_data.g.v, pdb.s.r, status_text.sa.r [,ret_ramp_dc.i4.r])

	This routine is used to generate an abbreviated 4 (or 5) character
	digital status display field.  It is used by the parameter program.
	It  operates on the status data returned by a dio_get_raw(_c) call
	and returns 4 (or 5) characters (with color codes) in the
	"status_text" array.  The characters are returned in XCHAR format.
	The unprocessed status is specified in 'raw_data'.  The
	Process Data Block for the device and property (PRBSTS) must be
	supplied in the structure "pdb".  The "status_text" array is
	returned as follows:

	Char Position	 Attribute		 Default Characters
	    1		ON/OFF      		green "." / red "*"
	    2		READY/TRIPPED  		green "." / red "T"
	    3		REMOTE/LOCAL  		green "." / yellow "L"
	    4		POS_POL/NEG_POL 	cyan "+"  / magenta "-"
	    5		RAMP/DC			green "R" / yellow "D" (optional)

	If an attribute is not defined, a white blank is placed in the 
	appropriate character position.  If alternate characters are defined 
	for an attribute, then they are used instead of the default characters.

	raw_data	raw basic status data
	pdb		Process Data Block which is the information which
			is used to interpret the raw data
			(structure of type PDB_STS)
	status_text	return status string (array of 4 XCHAR structures)
			(Note: If the value of "ret_ramp_dc" is TRUE,
			 this will be treated as an array of five XCHAR
	[ret_ramp_dc]	flag which indicates whether or not to return ramp/DC
			attribute text
			(TRUE -> return ramp/DC attribute text,
			 FALSE -> don't return ramp/DC attribute text
			(default is NULL)

	This function requires the following include files:

	cns_data_structs_h, clib_h

	Related functions:

	dstatx_ext_c, dio_sts_txt, dio_sts_txt_lst, dio_status, dio_sts_lst,
	dio_raw_to_status_text, dio_raw_to_status_text_ext_c, dio_get_raw(_c)

	C/C++ usage:

	int	ret_ramp_dc = FALSE;
	unsigned int	raw_data;
	PDB_STS	pdb;

	dstatx((void *) &raw_data,&pdb,status_text,&ret_ramp_dc);