dpsrpy(error.i2.r [,error_array.i2a.r] [,timeout.u2.r] [,nofield.u1.r])

	This function flushs queued Data Pool sets to front ends with replies.

	error		standard ACNET error/status code
	[error_array]	array for standard ACNET error/status code
			(one per queued setting request, in the order queued)
	[timeout]	timeout for each front end setting request in 10Hz ticks
			(10 seconds is the default)
	[nofield]	flag specifying if settings should not be sent to field
			NOTE: only supported by CDF front end!
			(FALSE -> send settings to field devices (default),
			 TRUE -> no not send setting to field devices)

	This function returns no status. (See "error".)

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	dpset, dpcanq

	C/C++ usage:

	unsigned char	nofield = FALSE;
	short	error;
	short	error_array[NUM_DEVICES];
	unsigned short	timeout = 100;