dknob(row.i2.r, delta.i2.r [,col.i2.r] [,intknb.i2.r])

	This routine will return changes in the position of the console
	knob (shaft encoder or mouse button 2 or F8 and F9 keys) since the 
	last call.  It should be called at the periodic execution rate 
	of the application (15 Hz).  Simultaneous use of cknob and 'dknob'
	in the same application is not supported, see cknob.  (Note: A value
	of zero is always returned for the row and column arguments if this
	routine is called from a Secondary Application (SA).)

	row		returned cursor row  (If this is the first call
			to this routine or the knob has not been turned
			since the last call to this routine, a value of
			-1 will be returned.) 
	delta		change in the position of the knob since the last
			call scaled to return 256 (decimal) counts per
			turn of the knob  (Always returns as zero for the
			first call in an application.)
	[col]		return cursor column
	[intknb]	returned integrated (and unscaled) knob count

	This function requires the following include files:


	Related functions:

	cknob, intype