field_string.i1p.v = dio_field_to_device_spec_string_c(property_field.i4.v,

	This routine converts a property field value to a DRF field string.

	property_field	property field type value
			(DIO_FIELD_NONE -> no field specified,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_STATE -> want alarm state,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_ENABLE -> want alarm enable status,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_ABORT_CAPABLE -> want alarm abort
							  capability status,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_ABORT_ENABLE -> want alarm abort
							 enable status,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_FLAGS -> want alarm flags word,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_MINIMUM -> want alarm minimum,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_MAXIMUM -> want alarm maximum,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_NOMINAL -> want alarm nominal (analog),
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_TOLERANCE -> want alarm tolerance,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_DIG_NOMINAL -> want alarm nominal
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_MASK -> want alarm mask,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_TRIES_NEEDED -> want alarm tries
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_TRIES_NOW -> want alarm tries now,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_FTD -> want alarm FTD,
			 DIO_FIELD_ALARM_BLOCK_DATA -> want entire alarm block,
			 DIO_FIELD_TEXT -> want text representation of property,
			 DIO_FIELD_ON_STATUS -> want "on" status value,
			 DIO_FIELD_READY_STATUS -> want "ready" status value,
			 DIO_FIELD_REMOTE_STATUS -> want "remote" status value,
			 DIO_FIELD_POSITIVE_STATUS -> want "positive" status
			 DIO_FIELD_RAMP_STATUS -> want "ramp" status value)
			(constants are in 'diolib')
	scaling_type	scaling type
			(DIO_RAW -> raw units,
			 DIO_PRIMARY -> primary units,
			 DIO_COMMON -> common units)
			(constants are in 'diolib')
	[scaling_used]	returned flag indicating if the scaling type was
			necessary to determine the field string
			(TRUE -> scaling type was necessary,
			 FALSE -> scaling type was not necessary)
			(default is NULL)
	[property]	returned corresponding device property
			(constants are in 'dbprops')
			(default is NULL)

	This function returns status values as follows:

	corresponding field string

	This function requires the following include files:

	diolib_h, dbprops_h

	Related functions:

	dio_spec_to_drf_string_c, dio_property_to_device_spec_string_c,
	dio_dev_name(_c), dio_prefix_char_to_property_c,
	dio_is_valid_device_name_first_char_c, dio_is_possible_device_name_c,
	dio_parse_long_device_name_c, dio_device_index(_c), dio_name_to_index

	C/C++ usage:

	char	*field_string;
	short	property;
	int	property_field = DIO_FIELD_NONE;
	int	scaling_type = DIO_COMMON;
	int	scaling_used;

	field_string = dio_field_to_device_spec_string_c(property_field,