status.i4.v = dio_fermi_name_to_key_c(fermi_name.i1a.r,

	This routine retrieves the atom index corresponding to a FermiName.
	A value of NULL can be passed for any returned arguments that are
	not needed.

	fermi_name	null terminated FermiName
			(up to DEVICE_FERMI_NAME_LEN + 1 characters)
	atom_index	returned FermiName atom index
	device_index	returned device index
	property	returned property index

	This function returns status values as follows:

	OK			success
	DIO_NOT_UNIQUE		multiple FermiNames match the passed string
				(first match returned)
	DIO_NO_SUCH		no FermiName matches the passed string
	SQL_xxx			error accessing the database

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, diolib_h, acnet_errors_h

	Related functions:

	dio_name_to_fermi_name_c, dio_fermi_name_c, dio_device_index(_c),
	dio_name_to_index, dio_dev_name(_c), nam2di,
	dio_delete_name_info_c, dio_delete_all_name_info, dio_find_name_c

	C/C++ usage:

	char	fermi_name1[DEVICE_FERMI_NAME_LEN+1] =

	char	fermi_name2[DEVICE_FERMI_NAME_LEN+1] = "M:OUTTMP.Reading";

	short	property;
	int	status;
	int	atom_index;
	int	device_index;

	status = dio_fermi_name_to_key_c(fermi_name1,&atom_index,&device_index,
	status = dio_fermi_name_to_key_c(fermi_name2,&atom_index,&device_index,