dbproc(work_area.i1a.r, event_flag.i2.r, error.i2.r [,timeout.i2.r])

	This routine is called to transmit the database request list to the
	central device database server.  A call to this routine must be
	preceded by at least one call to one of the dbareq, dbreq,
	dbrpdb, dbrdi, or dbrmc routines.

	work_area  	database work area array initialized by dbwain call
	event_flag	event flag number to be specified if asynchronous
			operation mode is selected.  If a value of NULL is
			passed, a synchronous operation is assumed.
	error		standard ACNET error/success return
	[timeout]	time out value in 15 Hz ticks (default is 150)

	This function requires the following include files:

	cnsparam_h, clib_h

	Related functions:

	dbwain, dbreq, dbrpdb, dbareq, dbrdi, dbrmc, dbget, dbgeti, dbsize