dbareq(device_index.i4.r, property_index.i1.r, work_area.i1a.r,
	       retrieval_index.i2.r, error.i2.r)

	This routine adds a request for the "addressing" information for a
	specified device and property. The "addressing" information, available
	after a call to dbproc, includes the source node, the subsystem
	device number, default data return length, maximum data return array
	length and the console protection mask.

	device_index	device index
	property_index	property index (constants are in dbprops)
	work_area  	database work area array initialized by DBWAIN call in 
			which the request list is being built
	retrieval_index	retrieval index for the returned data (see Return_data 
			for description of its format).  This value must be
			saved for calls to 'dbget(i)'.
	error		standard ACNET error/success return

	The requested data from the 'dbareq' call consists of a structure
	of type DBAREQ_INFO.

	The contents of the structure are:

	       	 Byte   Length
      	        Offset  (bytes)
               ------  -------
		   0       2      default return length of data (in bytes)
         	   2       2      maximum return length of data (in bytes)
         	   4       2      logical node and trunk of source
         	   6       8      SubSystem's Device Number (SSDN)
	 	  14	   2      Frequency-Time Descriptor (FTD)
		  16       4      console protection mask

	This function requires the following include files:

	cns_data_structs_h, dbprops_h, clib_h

	Related functions:

	dbwain, dbproc, dbreq, dbget, dbgeti, dbrpdb, dbrdi, dbrmc, dbsize